Having issues with iOS app not tracking location anymore

My app was working flawlessly. I use it to trigger alerts when I or my wife enter the premises. It’s still working fine on my wife’s phone but on my phone it has completely stopped tracking my location. I have every setting setup between both ios and the app to track my location and notify on exit/enter. The gps arrow stays solid and my app stays in the background just fine. It just up and stopped notifying me on location change a couple days ago. I have no data caps or anything like that on my phone. It even stays above 50% charge most of the time because I always have it in a charge cradle when I’m driving. I have even uninstalled the app to try to remedy this and my firmware and app are completely up to date.

So I’m making some progress but can’t figure out why. If I try to reload my instance when on data I end up timing out with my connection to nabu casa. If I’m on Wi-Fi it connects just fine and I can see that all my nabu casa connections are functioning properly. So the problem seems to be that the app is no longer able to utilize the data connection. Or ATT is blocking the port. Dot really sure where to start trying to fix this.