Having issues with zigbee light bulbs not always turning on

I had HA running for 3 years in my previous house. Moved into a new one and as the wiring was weird, i opted in many cases to go the smart bulb route. I am having issues, especially where I have two bulbs in a single fixture, where only one turns on. I first configured those bulbs to be in a group and had the automaton turn on the group. When i noticed sometimes 40% of the time, only one turned on, I decided to also add in the individual devices as well. Still having same issues.
The bulbs in question are singled.

Soul ds like a borderline signal issue. What do you have k the way of repeating devices sengled bulbs are not repeaters on purpose so for planning you have to treat them like battery powered devices…

There are zigbee plugs in the same room.
Also, I just noticed in the Visualization, there are some zigbee repeaters showing up as offline (i havent deployed them yet) but they have lines to devices. How to you get the Zigbee mesh to refresh its network? I thought it was automatic, no?

It depends on the device. Aquara devices for instance are very sticky and don’t like to change routers unless told to do so.

In most cases just rejoin the device and it picks up the new route.

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