Having persistent data/volumes in HASS.IO on mount?

So I setup some time back on my Ubuntu 18 setup the default hassio and all is in /usr/share/hassio/xxx and so on. It shows up in my Portainer just fine, but since I did it this way, I do not control it in terms of the rest of my containers in my docker-compose.yml whereas I can specify volumes and such on a different drive or elsewhere on my system rather than on the boot/system drive. That said, should I concern myself with hanging the default location for future proofing my setup? Can you all explain rationale behind this?

Thanks much.

Has anyone else addressed anything like this?

Anything like what? Not to be rude but I have zero idea what you are asking in your original post

Since I setup using the hassio utility on Ubuntu and left the defaults for file libraries, is it good practice to move these off of the boot drive and to one of my other mounts?

Still clueless what you are asking. (I run home assistant supervised formerly hassio on Debian)

I totally understand what you’re asking, and I’m thinking about this for a few days now (upgraded to a Pi4 a few weeks ago) as well.

For now, I’ll leave it as it is, because I’m using the Pi4 only for Hass.io and have no other docker images running there. If I’d use more than one docker image, I’m “Monk” enough, that I would like all together and would change it to a docker-compose.yml.

Tbh I don’t think it makes any difference besides your personal style / feelings. If you want to use another drive for config files I’d go with your own docker-compose, otherwise leave it, as is. :slight_smile:

Or what are your ideas? Why do you want it “all together”? :slight_smile: