Having Problems on simple Motion-Light-Automation (YAMA)

Hi there,
i don’t get a simplet automation to work.
Using some IKEA lights -03 and a Sonoff SNZB-03 to toggle them.

Both are are running fine.
I can toggle the lights on/off manuall and
the MS is changing its values OFF>On when moving in front.

I used the YAMA blueprint to configure the automation. (Settings>Automation>Blueprint)
I only changed in the gui:
Motion sensor: ‘name of MS’ Iaszone
Light: ‘name of lights’ / area / entity (nothing worked)
i saved everything under a new name and the instance was created.

In the automation tab the “last triggered” changed as predicted, when moving in front of the sensor - but nothing happens.

In thes history-tab:
When moving in front of the sensor the state is changing (on/off) as intended.
The Automation is instant just on all the time - never changing.
Restating the config or HA does not change anything.

Just don’t know what to do :frowning:

if i try to set up an automation from scratch (standard home assistant “clean” one) it works.

What am I doing wrong with the YAMA?
If I try to open the automation in yaml-editor for me it looks kinda short.

alias: AutomationTest
description: “”
path: networkingcat/yet_another_motion_automation.yaml
motion_entity: binary_sensor.sxxxxxx_iaszone
device_id: 4e1404xxxxxxxxxxx4f1b
no_motion_wait: 60