Having problems with issuing voice commands

I am have issues with the voice commands being recognized. i can issue the command but in the log file i get “homeassistant.components.conversation: Got unsupported command tv from text turn on tv”
Here is my switches:

   platform: rpi_rf
   gpio: 17
       Sitting Room:
         protocol: 1
         pulselength: 180
         code_on: 1381717
         code_off: 1381716
          protocol: 1
          pulselength: 180
          code_on: 1394005
          code_off: 1394004

after j got the switches to work i created a group

    name: Living Room
      - switch.sitting_room
      - switch.tv   

after i created this group the voice commands stopped working.
everything renders on the frontend ok and manually works.

This is my first setup of HA, so kinda lost trying to debug this thing, all i have to go on is the comment in the log file which is not really helpful.

would be grateful for some direction.

Please use the preformatted text option when posting code or no one will be able to figure out what the issue is.

Highlight your code and then press the preformatted text button as shown in the image below.

will do in future, thanks for info

No problem but would suggest doing that now. You want to make it as easy as possible for others to help you.

should be done now. Thanks

Don’t know if you ever got this sorted but as I understand it, voice commands have to be in the format “turn [friendly name] on/off”. so ‘turn on tv’ wouldn’t work, but ‘turn tv on’ should?