Having to reset modem often

I have something wierd going on…

I am running latest version of Hassio on a Virtual machine under Windows 10, system has been works in progress running for a couple of years with constant enhancements.

Over the past few months have been having to reset my modem every 2-3 days, I go to bed with everything running well and wake with no devices found on my HA network, checking router it see’s Home Assistant itself but no HA devices?
All other devices 4x wifi phones, 3x tablets, 4x laptops and Smart TV and 4 PC’s are still visible.

Thinking its an issue with the Dodo (Go Hub) modem but why would it only effect HA devices…

Restarting the virtual Box does not resolve issue
Restarting devices individually does not resolve issue

  • I have 5 flashed Brilliant smart plugs
  • I have 5 NODEMCU’s
  • Magic Home LED Strip
  • A few 8266 ESP01’s

If I reset modem quickly (off for about 1 sec) it does not resolve issue, I have to leave off for a couple of minutes before restarting.

Interestingly the last few times this happened the only none-HA device which was also unavailable was my Fronius Solar Inverter.

Has anyone else had this?