Having trouble accessing web GUI


I cannot access the GUI on localhost:8123 at all. (with http)

Home assistant is running in docker, on windows with ubuntu WSL. Latest version installed and everything. I created the container with the following command, and its running.

docker run -d --name homeassistantwindows --privileged --restart=unless-stopped -e TZ=Australia/Brisbane -v E:\HomeAssistant:/config --network=host Package home-assistant · GitHub

I can also see that it has found the config directory and created files there etc during setup, and there are no errors in the docker log. However accessing the portal just gets site cant be reached every time. I’ve also tried consoling in and getting the ip of the container and accessing that on 8123 to no avail. (along with http://homeassistant:8123/) if anyone has has similar issues and can help that would be greatly appreciated.