Having trouble finding the "usb_path" for Z-stick in Windows 7

Pretty basic problem. I just don’t know how to get the path to my device (An Aeotec Z-stick gen 5) to put in my config. I can find the in device manager and have all the necessary software for it to work.

According to the manual HA doesn’t support your controller on Windows!

I managed to get a USB Z-wave stick working with windows with help from kgschlosser here:


May work with yours, not sure

Hmm, I always assumed that by “Series 5” they were referring to the “Gen 5” because I’ve gotten my Z-stick Gen 5 working on OSX before (though I may be wrong to assume). Regardless, I’d still like to find the path and see for myself.

Maybe this:

usb_path: \.\COM2

Not working for me, unfortunately. In fact, now Home Assistant takes forever to connect and when it finally does, it still says the zwave config is invalid.

I should also note that I’m running Windows 7 on a virtual machine; could that have something to do with it?

Since you are running it virtually why not just create another virtual Linux machine and install it there. Windows isn’t the easiest to use for Home Assistant. Most of the directions, examples etc. assume a Linux installation. Just download an Ubuntu server disk and install. Shouldn’t take but a few minutes to download. The install is quick and pretty easy.

I forgot to mention but I’m just setting it up on Windows to test the z-stick (job-related). Having some trouble setting it up is all.

If you are just testing the stick, there are Windows smart home apps available. Some for free.
You will need to make sure
Anyway assuming you have attached your stick to the virtual machine, Device Manager will help you find the port.