Having trouble setting up Sonoff LAN

I’ve got HACS installed. I’ve installed the Sonoff LAN repository there, but I can’t use it there. If I go into Configuration > Integrations and click on “Add Integration” it doesn’t show up. Is it supposed to show up there? (That’s how Alexa Media Player works.) Or is there someplace else I need to look to make it find my devices? I tried the official eWeLink integration, but I can’t even get that one to install (it throws a weird error).

No, it will not show up in the Integrations of HA. Only integrations of HACS.
If your setup is correct, you just get a bunch of new entities looking like this:

Thank you very much. I was able to find them in entities. I appreciate your taking the time to help me.

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May I jump in here ?
My problem is, that I can use the entity’s from the sonoff cloud, but as soon as the internet fails, they’re not useable via LAN, even though the switches are all enabled „ LAN“ in the eWeLink software.