Having troubles with ESp32 device talk to Esp32 device Bluetooth to Home assistant

so i seen the videos of blue tooth thermostat connects to esp32 device that then talks to home assistant

i dont have a bluetooth device… but i have am2302 and also want to add a PIR sensor

i have 2 esp32 wroom32 devices
i cant seem to figure it out…

1 esp32 wroom will have am2303 and a pir sensor and 200 feet away will be the other esp32 wroom32 being the sever bluetooth that the sensor will talk to and then i can read it in home assistant through the wifi

so how do you connect it… there isnt much google videos and the esphome is vag on ble tractor and server so i lost what to do

so it be like
esp wroom (with pir/am2302) client sensor --------> esp wroom (server) ------> home assistant
using the bluetooth ble client server what not stuff

Bluetooth extends 10m (30ft) at most. It will not work over 200ft.

specs says bluetooth LE can do 1000 meters… so that be 3000 feet from 400 to 1000 m

and another spec says bluetooth does 100m so 330 feet.

but i not that far yet… i still trying to figure how to link them… spent a few hours and still no luck how to code it right

Yeah good luck with that maximum range specification. You are not going to get more than 5-10m from an ESP32. I’ve tried a few boards, they are all the same.

Also there is no ESPHome BLE server component that I am aware of that links to other ESP modules. All the components have been written to link to specific devices and while there is a generic client device there is no generic server.

ah ok
and i figured since these 4 dollar xami thermometers can connect to esp32 bluetooth then the esp32 wifis to home assistant… then i should be able to use a esp32 instead of a xami thermometer

and ok i figured that be great can go go a few hundred feet… go figure eh 30 feet

figured i could do this Home Assistant: Ultra Cheap 4$ multi-room Temperature Sensors (Xiaomi Mijia BLE ESP32) - YouTube

instead of using that that device usinging a esp32 in pace of the xiaomi that talks to the esp32 then to home assistant

Sure, if you write your own custom ESPHome component for the remote ESP32 that exactly mimics the Xiaomi Mijia BLE broadcast transmissions.

There is nothing like that in ESPHome. It only receives BLE from the Xiaomi Mijia devices.

That is what I meant by:

Instead of bluetooth (which not covers the distance you want to achieve and were no component is available for esphome anyways) you might wanna give esp-now I try. This allows you the p2p communication you want to achieve and should have no problems with the :footprints: you wanna cover.

By now their is no stable/official esphome integration but only a pr you can try:

The pr: wifi_now esphome component - communicate directly to other ESP device via ESP-Now by motwok · Pull Request #1290 · esphome/esphome · GitHub

And the docs: WiFi Now Component — ESPHome

well if there is no esphome ble server component then why does esphome website state there is one?/
BLE Server — ESPHome

well i from what i understand xiaomi devices transmits the data to the esp32 device and then it re transmit it to home assistant… why cant it transmit the same data like from a dht22 to the esp32 ble server and then to home assistant… all your transmitting is the number arent ya? no idea

aso for the espnow… i did try that i having issues with that… thats esp to esp and i read it can cover 700meters doing blu tooth with the wroom32 but i didnt find at the momment a espnow to home assistant plugin
so 2 esp32 wouldt connect with espnow and then transmitt to home assitant… plus with the esp32 ble server then youd have like 6 bluetooth devices connected to the esp32room and then it transmitts to home assistant…
least thats what the guy does in his video

and ill check out those 2 links

i appreciate the help so far. nothing is perfect lol always learning (:slight_smile:

as far as i understand the ble server, this is just a basic component which needs to be extended to publish some values

This component allows other components to create their own services to expose data and control.

That is not the same Bluetooth.
You need some high powered Bluetooth chips for that range. They are common in MC intercoms but mobile devices and smaller electronics usually have a range limit of 10 m at best.

ah ok so wont work what i wanted to do then or the server part… i was playing around and figured it might work but guessing not…

learn something new every day

And one more hint: don’t trust any marketing bullshit like “up to xxx meters”. Those are typical totally unrealistic numbers you never are able to achieve in real life scenarios.

Expect 50% and be happy with anything more.

However… I bought cheap Chinese intercom that stated a range of 700 m and with clear sight they got well past 1000 m.

Or expect (much) less, specially in a dense environment and be happy if it works at all.

oh ok … ya i new to this stuff so there is some good info some info that confuses me greatly and some stuff i kinda understand etc…

figuress the bs ranges… i live out in the country and i know i have a steel shop so i bet that even would bugger up BLE or bluetooth
i have no idea anymore lol all that blue stuff lol