Having two home assistants

Hello! I am really happy with home assistant and now I have installed some sensors and switches to grandmothers house. So here is a question:

How should I choose the house I want inside the Home Assistant app? Mi home can do that pretty easy, but I can not figure out hot to do it in home assistant. Seems, like I can not use one remote UI for two houses, and if I have two different accounts with remote UI - I can not put them together in Home Assistant ios app.

What am I missing?

Just change the address in your browser’s address bar.

I use the app. It is not comfortable. Thought that there is a nice solution for that.

What app do you mean?

Home assistant companion. ios app.

Perhaps post in that part of the forum then. Or move the post to there (not sure if you have to be a moderator to do that)

Any suggestions? Also need to get notifications from both Home Assistant. Is it possible?

This is something I’ve been looking into also. IMO, the best way to do it is likely going to be actually connecting the two instances as master and slave. There’s actually a component that does this fairly straightforward-ly, but it’s pretty new, was introduced without much fanfare, and I can’t remember the name. So. What I have right now is this custom component (I think?) which I found via this forum post, though there are many like it. Good luck.

If you want to do this currently (and if you have an iphone) without any custom component you could install the 1.5.1 version and the 2.0 version of the ios app. Connect the one app with Home A and app 2.0 with Home B.

I should note that as far as I know the testprogram is no longer accepting new testers so if you do not have 2.0 already it will be hard.

In any other case the custom component would probably do the trick!

Actually, it should not be a “trick”.
It seems to be important, would like to hear @robbiet480 comments on that. Will we see in near future opportunity to use two or more Home Assistant in ios app? With notifications and etc.

My thoughts: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant-iOS/issues/161 (ps, next time check GitHub issues because 9 out of 10 times it’s been thought of already and I’ve weighed in :smile_cat:)

Nope, beta is still wide open and will stay that way. Almost 3,000 testers now.

Oh, that is really sad
In that way we do not have notifications from second house (it seems to be more important than other disadvantages).
Really will be waiting for that feature. Hope that not only i am interested

Ok, guys, if you need that too - make sure you say that, so Robbie can hear it:

And think not only for today. I did not think that I would make parents house smart too, but I did. Maybe you will do similar thing in future.

I agree, will need that