HDanywhere - automate your TVs around the house

HDanywhere is a unit that allows to to add a source like cable or satellite TV, CCTV, etc and then output that to different TV or viewing sources.

The idea is you can auto the TV on when you are away to give the impression you are home, link it do your CCTV to send you an alert if motion is detected in keys areas, etc. Makes remote changes via HA. The unit does use API but my coding knowledge is as useful as a chocolate bar not melting in a desert

Anyone managed to control any of the HDAnywhere matrix with HA?

you can send hex codes which correspond to different input/output combinations as well as the beep function from the actual unit and are sent via tcp port 800 to the ip of the unit however I don’t think there is any integration done for it at the moment though

Got some help and working now. Just basics to start but this confirms it’s power state and IP address

platform: rest
unique_id: hdanywherepower
name: hdanywhere power
value_template: “{{ value_json.data.power }}”

@rhys do you have any update on this HD anywhere integration?