HDHomerun or Emby Live TV feed to HA lovelace dashboard card

I put this in the Emby forum as well but since it involves a HA dashboard card someone here may know.

I searched several different ways/terms and didn’t really see anything related to what I am asking, so here goes hopefully someone can tell me if it is doable or not.

Use case: I have Emby Premiere and Home Assistant for my home and all it’s “gadgets”, I have a Fire Tablet wall mounted in the Kitchen that runs Fully Kiosk browser and goes to the HA dashboard(s). I have a media tab where I can see all the Alexa media player (controls), along with Android/Fire TVs (again controls) as well as the Emby media player controls. Which is nice I can control volume, see what is playing and turn on/off. What I would like to do (for the wife who is not that tech savvy), is display a Live TV channel within an html/iframe card on that media dashboard so when in the Kitchen she can hear and watch on the tablet rather than having to close the Kiosk browser and switch over to the Emby app as that just get complicated and I have to fix.

I have looked high and low and I just don’t see where it has been done or could be I am searching the wrong terms.

I was hoping to do this one of two ways, either directly from the HDHomerun tuner (MPEG-TS) or through an interface to Emby and the live TV component and carve out space on the media page as pictured below along with all other things media.

I would prefer not to reinvent the wheel if this has already accomplished in some way, it will only be internal on the same local network as the Emby server so I didn’t/don’t want to complicate it as far as having to cross an SSL connection or get into any complex authentication configurations.

Any direction, ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

I’m thinking this might be one direction Streaming Live TV from a HDHomerun to a Web Browser using FFmpeg - YouTube

In which case, I guess I could use a iframe, or even spawn a popup window like what is used in the picture-entity card, just unsure how the behavior would be. Hoping that this may have already been done in someway before I go down a rabbit hole.

I wonder if the new rtsp to Webrtc integration would help.

Since the feed is not RTSP (MPEG-TS) this wouldn’t work, but I was able to work through the example I was going to try.

So this is ultimately the way I ended up achieving my use case/goal: from this example Stream from HD Homerun , I did not see a way to pull a live feed from Emby (which I would still prefer to do) without getting too complicated for the wife and me have to clean it up after she clicks five different things.

On a separate old computer or RPI will do with Ubuntu. Essentially there is a script that runs, creates a playlist of files that overwrite themselves to create the stream, I have a basic html page with a player that gets linked (opens in new window) from the HA dashboard and a button at the bottom that says “Back to Dashboard” that essentially closes the spawned browser window to display the dashboard again. This method keeps her from ever closing the dashboard or switching apps. However, kind of a waste of an old computer, as I did not want the resources taken from the HA server (its not a real powerhouse). Attached is the language in the two files I used, the video and these files will get the stream.

Thank you again for your response and I hope this helps someone else.

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Thats pretty cool. Someone should wrap this into a docker.