HDHomerun Sensors

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Would like to add a feature request to have HDHomerun supported… Would be nice to be able to get sensor readings of the tuners… Like channel… signal strength, symbol strength… etc… I think they have a linux application and command line for accessing the information on the tuners. Would be nice to have it as a component instead of building scripts to access the information.

This would be an awesome idea. To bad I don’t know python all that well.

I dont know much about python but hopefully a dev can see this and maybe help out.


I would also love this. A media_player card would be slick as well.

Live TV in HA! That would be crazy.
You have my vote, but sadly it doesn’t seem like many people have this hardware so the likelihood isn’t great someone will pick this up.
Still…here’s hoping.

+1, this would be fantastic

+1 from me as well

Has anyone had any luck with this custom component?

No, but I’m running Hass.io and this component relies on a library being installed on the machine

That’s exactly where I am. I saw the component, got really excited the noticed the requirement. I don’t think this is going to work on Hass.io.

I have docked but I’ll give it a try.

I’m running hassio, but on a linux machine so I can add the dependency…just not sure if it needs to be on the host or in docker in some way.
I’ll add it to the to do list to try and see what happens.

They also have a few JSON endpoints that may be able to be used as well

I too am running Hassio on Ubuntu. I haven’t tried installing the dep as I assumed it would be needed inside the container itself. Worth a shot though.

Okay so I installed this integration. I love what I am seeing. You will need to install the library. It appears this will be wiped out after every update. I do not know how to write my docker compose file to add this library after every restart of my docker container. I will look at building a custom dockerfile that will update with each new release and add this library. If anyone has an idea of how to do this without needing to build a custom docker container I am all ears.

Host: Ubuntu 18.04
Docker: Home Assistant Core

Was anyone able to get this up and running? I have two HDHomeRuns that I would like to grab some info from if possible…

looking at this link - https://github.com/burnnat/ha-hdhomerun/blob/3cba548e424105d81aec4514995d51714b6f9c47/info.md

Do I just do the following

apt install libhdhomerun4

Add this to my config.yaml file

   # Host addresses are optional, if none are specified then entities will be populated by network discovery.
       - host:
       - host:

I was/am. The problem I face is I let home assistant core in a docker auto update and I have to shh into the docker container and rerun the install command.

Ok cool - was it just the two items that need to be done to get it going?

Yeah it was that easy.

Anyone know a good way to run this command everytime home assistant is updated?

apk add libhdhomerun