HDMI multi port switch for raspberry pi

Got a question. I have the following
1 - raspberry pi for home assistant and appdaemon
2.- raspberry pi for octoprint on 3d printer
3 - raspberry pi HADashboard and Mosquitto
4 - raspberry pi for DNS and other linux utilities
5 - mac mini as a home server and backups, etc

Yes I could probably consolidate a few things, but that’s not my concern right now. I don’t have that many HDMI ports on my TV. Does anyone have any experience with a HDMI KVM switch, preferably a smart one, I could control through HA??

Why not just use SSH?

SSH and samba shares allow everything to be changed and edited with ease.

A lot cheaper than a KVM too!

Because sometimes I run into a problem like I did this afternoon where I couldn’t get connected to the network, so I needed a keyboard, mouse and hdmi connection. ( actually I didn’t need the mouse, I live in the command line)