HDSentinel Integration

Would be nice to monitor hdds using HDSentinel’s data. It provides a webstatus page that can be parsed (I used it when I created a Windows Gadget for it years ago).

This help you?
Monitor your HDD SMART STATUS.

Thanks. I saw that last night when I was looking for similar posts and while the end result is similar, looking for something more integrated and easier for users to setup.

This may be a good middleground actually: danieldotnl/ha-multiscrape: Home Assistant custom component for scraping (html, xml or json) multiple values (from a single HTTP request) with a separate sensor/attribute for each value. Support for (login) form-submit functionality. (github.com)

There are already quite a few apps available to the different OSes that provide the SMART monitoring data over SNMP and SNMP is a standard protocol that are already implemented in HA and used for many other monitoring tasks.
I see no use in inventing another app and having to maintain that when so many others already provide that solution.
The data you see in HD Sentinel is just SMART monitoring data, so you gain nothing by going through that app.

Then what’s one more? :smiley:

I disagree about gaining nothing by going through the HD Sentinel application though. It provides data/information that is useful to me without really caring about the granular SMART data. You may not gain anything with it but I do. The beauty of options.

I have looked through a lot of the pictures I could find of HD Sentinel and can not really see what it provides more than basic SMART monitoring values.
Which options are you thinking about?

I can’t imagine that hdsentinel gets it’s data anywhere other than SMART.

For the HDD info, that’s a safe bet (it’s the standard) but as I said two posts above yours, it’s not the raw SMART data I care about - it’s what the application does with it (they have a whole help file on this if you are interested).

I refreshed myself on the output HDSentinel provides and retract this feature request purely because it would be impractical. It outputs so much data (more than just hard drive info) that one person might care about but another wouldn’t. The multiscrape offering I linked looks like the best way to handle this. Best way for users to pick and choose what they want sensors for.

I look forward to seeing your custom integration then.
Let us know when you find someone to help with it or you write something up.

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