HDTV Supply is looking for a Home Assistant programmer for our matrix systems

HDTV Supply has thousands of pre-configured HDMI matrix systems seen at:


…and would like to offer Home Assistant interface to control them.

If you are interested email me at [email protected]

Jim - CEO & Founder

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Has anyone expressed interest? I’ve been emailing with support to troubleshoot some device/firmware issues with the 8x16 HDMI Matrix Switcher a client recently purchased. I’d be more than happy to create the integration if we can get my unit working and/or get me a test unit?

  • Christopher

Please send your order number to [email protected] with what are are experiencing.

Christopher Shaw

I just searched our order database and did not come up with this name, you have another name or did you buy from us?

Hi Jim,

My order number is Order # 4749.

I just responded to Kent and let him know the firmware replacement worked like a charm, and I’ve successfully integrated the MM1800 into HA using both Telnet and TCP/UDP commands. I’m working on developing an official integration.

I would love to have access via SSH so I can install a monitoring agent to monitor hardware and local level information (temp, failed commands sent to device, etc).

  • Christopher

Please contact Kent and he will help you as he is my son

We would like to sell your HA interface for you please send me details on how much you want and we will post on our website and send individual leads to you.

Send to [email protected]

Thank you for writing the drivers for 18x18 chassis but we have many more chassis that can use your software:


Would you be able to expand what you have written for the 18x18 to support the following and we will sell it for you?

We have thousands of these in the field and get weekly questions on HA support.

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