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Hello people,

I have a question. I’m using the Google light theme and use the custom mini graph card. That all works very well. But I want to change the title header from the normal cards the same as mini graph.
see the image. I want it like the way from RPI that you can see the title is with an grey background.
At system monitoring it’s a part of the card.
header title 2
Can someone help me?

Put your mini graph card horizontal stack in an entities card instead of just a horizontal stack.

or use one of the “stack-in” custom cards instead of the core horizontal stack.

Thanks for your reply.
But I think I’m not explaining it correct.

I’ve changed my screenshot. So what I want is more the same sort off title as RPI for the Systemmonitoring
But for systemmonitoring it uses the entity card. So I think I have to change something in the theme or not?

Yes I understood that and gave you the answer that will do it.

I don’t onderstand why the mini graph card had to change in an entity card because that’s not the problem. But the normal entity card is the problem.

Because the entity card has the title option you want.

Uhm well i’m confused and i don’t get it…
No it is not the entity card that has the correct title.

What you see by RPI that’s how I want all the title options. But that’s with the card of Horizonstack an the others are entity cards. So that’s why I didn’t understood why the mini graph card has to be changed.

You cant. You can do it the other way though. Match the mini graph to the entities.