Header Toggle in lovelace doesn't work on automations

I have several cards in lovelace (HA v88.1) that just list automations. I want the toggle on the top of the card to turn on or off all the automations on that card, but it doesn’t do that. Any idea how to fix this?

My code

type: entities
  - entity: automation.fa_iphone_notification_dryer_started
  - entity: automation.fa_iphone_notification_dryer_off
  - entity: automation.fa_dryer_done_early_iphone_notification
  - entity: automation.fa_dryer_drop_notify_iphone
  - entity: automation.fa_iphone_notification_dryer_empty
  - entity: automation.fa_iphone_notification_dryer_closed
title: iPhone Notifications
theme: default


It has been reported:

Thanks for the link!