'Health' category in forum

I am a type one diabetic. I use ha to monitor various stuff.

I also see a lot of posts about integrating, for example, blood pressure monitors, and other health related or health adjacent stuff.

Also seen a number of posts about people with severe physical disabilities who benefit from HA.

I think it would be good to have a section on the forum to gather these topics together.

The other idea might be a “health” tag?


Seems a great idea for us all to do! I will share this info!

Health tag added. :grin:

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What is your use case? Background : I am a Type 1 Diabetic and use a Libre2 CGM. I am new to HA and was very surprised to see all the diabetes stuff people are doing with HA since HA is normally about automating a home and not a person. Personally I use my phone to interact with my CGM. But people are clearly doing exciting stuff! So now I am curious to hear about your use cases for integrating health topics into HA.

Displaying blood sugar and trend on a screen. Graphing. Long term stats. Alerts.

“Because I can”