Heat control in celsius

New to the forum, but I have Home Assistant running on a RPi and intend on implementing a large quantity of esp8266’s with MQTT for my automation format. I tried a few other automation server packages, or at least I tried to implement them but Home Assistant was the first that I was able to get running and understand the actual set-up. You guys have done a great job with documentation where the others are very weak and expect the user to “get” what needs to happen next. NICE JOB!!!

On to my question, I would like to use the basic heat control for my thermostat but the display of the “set” temperature is in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. I could deal with that but my wife would have a melt down if I asked here to grasp the difference. I have my preference set in the config file to F, so it must be local to the component. Is there anyway for me to change the unit in the definition of the component?

Thanks in advance and again nice job on the software…

Todd Harris

As I have been looking at the code I was developing for the esp8266 for a thermostat, another thing that would be helpful would be a setting that would delay turning the switch on and off by some number of degrees. That would keep the furnace from cycling too frequently.