Heat fast then keep temperature with HVAC


I’m totally new to home assistant, but I’ve already made a few basic automations.

I have a pretty weak HVAC and I need to put it to 25°C if I want to heat my living room to 21°C fast. It can barely keep the temperature to 21 with the setting set to 21. So I’m trying to have a climate card where I set the temperature to 21, and home assistant takes care of everything in the backend by increasing / decreasing the temperature as needed. I said 21, but it could be 19 or 22.

I’ve drown a graph to help understand as I can’t make it clearer with words.

The only thing I want to see in my dashboard is the Current temp and the target temp, as it would be with and appropriate HVAC. The HVAC temp should manages itself automatically.

My HVAC is operated through a Broadlink IR remote with SmartIR, and it works perfectly like this.

My Thermostat is operated using climate.thermostat_du_salon and the temp sensor is sensor.telecommande_salon_temperature.

Thanks for any help, don’t hesitate to ask for anything I forgot to provide !

I made an automation that works, but it is static to 21° and it changes the set temperature on the controls.

alias: "Thermostat : Salon : 21°"
description: Descend le chauffage quand 21° sont atteints
  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.telecommande_salon_temperature
    above: 20.5
  - condition: state
    entity_id: climate.thermostat_du_salon
    state: heat
  - service: climate.set_temperature
      temperature: 21
      entity_id: climate.thermostat_du_salon
mode: single