Heat map card

There’s one type of visualisation I tend to use a lot in a professional capacity and have been sort of missing in HA: Heat maps.

I made a card for it and hope that others might find it as useful as I do. You’ll find it at kandsten/ha-heatmap-card on Github.

(For the sake of aiding search: Heat map, heatmap, heatmaps)


I started trying this card. Not yet a very goods 1st response thus 1 question.

Is it correct it relies on the “default” database? (recorder). because I have limited that to 2 days and use influxdb to save long term statistics.


Apologies re the latency in responding, I seem to have not noticed the ping for your response.

It relies on the Long Term Statistics, so shouldn’t be related to the Recorder limit. What your screen shot tells me is that it’s picking up data, but isn’t associating it properly with a scale. I did rewrite some of the logic, so you might want to try the latest commit to see if that resolves it. If not, I’d be happy to have a closer look.