Heat pump recommendations

Hi, I am about to buy a heat pump (air-to-air) so that I can save some energy on heating. I would like to be able to control it from home assistant preferably without having to pass through some cloud solution. I live in Norway. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

You might be able to control Mitsubishis locally. Google esphome mitsubishi.

I’ve got a Nibe heatpump, controllable via a 3rd party integration, sadly not locally so you need the cloud to read out data. If you want to actually control the heatpump (set temps and valves and such) you’ll need a premium subscription for their service.
There are some options with modbus and relays but I haven’t gotten into that yet myself so can’t vouch for it

Ok, that looked promising. I just got a mitsubishi kaiteki installed. Now I need to figure out how this esphome stuff works. Thanks for the tips.