Heat Recovery Ventilation System - two fans

I have HRV wit two fan
Mqtt topics:
Supply fan speed ( 0-10)
Exhaust fan speed (0-10)
On/Off HRV

Fan topics can be read/writable on any state of HRV
How can i configure in yaml fans
I want the speed setting to be always visible, regardless of the HRV state.

      - unique_id: rcs_supply_fan
        name: "RCS Supply fan"
        state_topic: "/devices/Ventilation speed/controls/Supply fan speed"
        command_topic: "/devices/Ventilation speed/controls/Supply fan speed"
        payload_off: "0"
        percentage_state_topic: "/devices/Ventilation speed/controls/Supply fan speed"
        percentage_command_topic: "/devices/Ventilation speed/controls/Supply fan speed/on"
        qos: 0
        speed_range_min: 1
        speed_range_max: 10
      - unique_id: rcs_exhaust_fan
        name: "RCS Exhaust fan"
        state_topic: "/devices/Ventilation speed/controls/Exhaust fan speed"
        command_topic: "/devices/Ventilation speed/controls/Exhaust fan speed"
        payload_off: "0"
        percentage_state_topic: "/devices/Ventilation speed/controls/Exhaust fan speed"
        percentage_command_topic: "/devices/Ventilation speed/controls/Exhaust fan speed/on"
        qos: 0
        speed_range_min: 1
        speed_range_max: 10        


Why the state of Fans is Off ?
although in reality the speed is 30%