Heater Power Controller

So I wanted to control the power of my Immersion Heater and match it with my Solar Export.

There are pre built solutions solutions for £200+

I used


Sonoff Pow R2 controls the the whole system ON/OFF with running Tasmota, PulseTime on relays 2 and 3 set to 0.3s

Use a 2.5mm TRRS to connect the POW R2 to the Relay module.

Use the relay outputs across the Up/Down switches on the Power Controller to simulate a button press.

By toggling the Increase button on I can Incease the power by 1% and same for Decrease.

I set automations to monitor the power being imported/exported from the grid and incease/decrease accordingly.

This setup should work for an resistive heater.

I like this solution. I switch 500 and 1000 watt resistors on and off per phase based on the data from the inverter, but quite often I have an excess of 200-400 watts per phase.

Especially in winter, I would be able to use the generated electricity efficiently this way

Can you share the automations?

The Voltage regulator works fine after 2 years?