Heating oil price monitoring in HA with alerts (UK)


I have oil heating in the UK and would like to pull (scrape) the daily oil price into HA and set an alert if the price goes under say a certain price.

  1. Scrape the price from here - Oxfordshire
    Ex VAT:
    86.99 p
  2. Show the price in HA with 5% vat included.
  3. Setup an alert to my phone when the price goes under a certain price from step 2.

Just wondered if anyone has got something similar before I have a go at scraping etc.


Hi, did you get any further with this? I’d like to track oil prices too but would prefer an api data source but can’t find one. The ONS is not current on last month. The only option potentially is to scrape that website or boiler juice daily charts.

Hi Lewis,

Not yet buddy.

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@MugwuffIn Do you know much about Multi Scraper in HA?

Solution here - UK oil price multiscrape assistance required

No, but interested in following the solution in your below post using the scrape integration. Cheers.