Heating XYZ Code Generator -- YAML creation and configuration tool


The Heating XYZ Code Generator is not a blueprint but a tool to assist in the creation of a heating installation using the XYZ suite of blueprints
Heating X2: Schedule Thermostats with Calendars
Calendar switch Y2: switch a device using a calendar
Zone Switch Z2: operate a heating zone valve from a heat demand sensor


Each instance of Heating X2, Calendar Switch Y2 and Zone Switch Z2 requires a number of helpers (input texts, input numbers and timers). You can define these by hand, but to help set up a large installation, the Code Generator saves time and errors by creating all the YAML code you need to define for

  • helpers
  • timers
  • template sensors
  • log file configuration
  • zone heat demand groups
  • automations
  • starter dashboard cards

The download kit includes a detailed guide on how to set up smart heating and instructions for using the code generator.

You provide a single EXCEL spreadsheet listing your zones and rooms, possibly with several radiators in each room. The Code Generator uses Microsoft WORD Mail Merge to automatically generate YAML code.


The code generator was first published in February 2023 as part of Heating X, the first release of Hating X2. It is now published as as separate item since it serves the whole Heating XYZ suite.


Get the Heating XYZ Code Generator

The Code Generator uses Microsoft Mail Merge, so you will need a system running Microsoft Office (sorry, I could not find a free app for this).

AndySymons / Heating-X-code-generator

More details

The guide “Smart Heat Your Home with Heating X2”, with hardware and software configuration tips and detailed instructions for using the code generator, is bundled with the Code Generator download.

Good Luck!