Heatit Z-TRM3 Device Documentation


I just installed a Heatit Z-TRM3 thermostat which I try to configure.
It shows up nicely, but I would like to know excactly what is measured
by the different sensors Air temperature (2), Air temperature (3)
and Air temperature (4). Should there be a Air temperature(1)?
I have read the manufacture’s manual and looked at the diagnostics file
with no success. I can guess, but hope for an answer
or a link to some documentation. Neither do I have any clue to
what hides behind Basic(2), Basic(3) and Basic(4) .

Thanks, Ola


Sorry not to be able to answer your question but I was wondering how you added the device to get some entities? I only get the device inside the Zwave integration as « not ready » without any entités. Any ideas?

Hi, by any chance have you managed to make it working? im struggling with the same issue

Hi, just uppdate the latest version of ZWave JS integration and it should work.

Hi, thank you for the answer. Im already at the latest version. Can you please let me know which zwave controller you use? I use aeotec z-stick gen5(not gen5+) and it can not detect Heatit Z-TRM3 at all. so if you have some other controller, then i would definetly switch to it…

ah, found your other message, you use the 7th version

Just installed two of these. Did you find any answers to what the sensors are measuring?

Same question here. I assume one is the air temperature and the other the floor (sensor) temp.

Does anyone know how to best create a program for on/off at set times?

I think the temperature sensors are as follows, this matches what it says on page 5 of the manual:

  • air_temperature_2: internal room temperature sensor
  • air_temperature_3: external room temperature sensor
  • air_temperature_4: external floor temperature sensor

The basic 2, 3, and 4 controls were automatically hidden for me after including the device.

Also, OP your floor temperature, aka air temperature 4, looks really high. I think you need to set the correct resistance of your floor sensor. This is parameter 3 “Floor sensor type” under “Configure Device”. Just play with it until the value looks correct.

I renamed sensor 2 and 4 and hid sensor 3 since there’s noting connected that input. It now looks like this:

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Above indication of the temp sensors look correct to me but still find it a little difficult to understand all the settings and how to regulate the temperature. I guess it is a matter of experimenting and sharing information here.

Entity: climate.floor_thermostat (Floor thermostat) seems to be able to switch the thermostat on or off and also allows to set the temp.
Entity: climate.floor_thermostat_4 (Bathroom Floor temperature) seems to be the same as entity sensor.floor_thermostat_air_temperature_2 (Bathroom Air temp) because the choice of sensor setting to internal sensor?

Looking at the heating cycles and sensors there are quite a few odd ones:

  • Same highlighted colours show exact same value
  • Air temp (6) = 18.8 'C - no idea where this is coming from
  • Air temp (7) = 102.4 'C - no idea where this is coming from
  • Floor thermostat target temp is set to 19’C (as is - but when trying to change to 20’C in HA it fails back to 19’C > update: this was due to max temp setting to 19’C :grimacing:)
  • BAthroom floor sensor target temp has no value

Hi ,
Not installed yet , but have some clarification question is it like below?

air_temperature_2 = Air temperature in the room
air_temperature_4 = Floor temperature


Any good code examples?
Want to set:

  • Scedules
  • Target temperature
  • Condition for electrical price


Just leaving this note here for others who struggle to integrate this device. After a hardware upgrade from Pi3 to Pi4B, my entire Z-Wave network was restored in a dead state, so I had to set everything up again. All worked easily, except this thermostat. The trick is that you need to remove power for 30secs (just pulled down the fuse) and afterwards, its vital to reset it TWICE. Only then did it successfully integrate again.