Heavy energy peaks (120kwh in 30 min), using shelly 3em

Hello, i searched a lot, but i didn‘t find a solution. I use the Energy Dashboard with a shelly 3Em to monitor my consumption is installed as the Energy Meter from my Provider. And a shellyEM for Metering my singelPhase solar inverter. Since some days i have heavy pekas on the Energy Overview from my Homeassistant. For example 120kWh in 30 min. But in the shelly App my Consumption is correct. So it seems that Homeassistant imports something wrong. If I restart the shelly there is alswas a peak… Everything has the newest firmware… The Solarmeter (shelly EM) works fine at the Moment.

Thank you for some Help

Your energy sensor is reporting 0 when it goes off-line. It needs to report unavailable instead.

When your energy sensor comes back on-line the energy dashboard will ignore a change of state from unavailable to the real value. However if it sees a change from 0 to the real value it will record that as the amount of energy used. This will get worse as the total in your energy sensor is always increasing.

If you are using a template sensor you need to add an availability template. If you aren’t using a template sensor you need to filter your energy sensor through one. See this topic

(the filtered sensor did work).

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First: thank you for your fast Answer. That was my idea too, that is a communication Problem. But I used the Energy Dasboard what is preconfigured. I don’t have enough knowledge to install such a filter in my system :frowning: . But i will install soon a second solarsystem from Kostal with the Kostal smartmeter and i hope this solves the Problem too… THANX

me again. I figured it out with that. It comes form your link… THANK YOU again

#energy meter
  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "corr Energy L1"
        device_class: energy
        unit_of_measurement: kWh
        value_template: >
          {% if states('sensor.verbrauch_eiberg_12_channel_a_energy') | float == 0 %}
          {{ states('sensor.energy_l1_corr') }}
          {% else %}
          {{ states('sensor.verbrauch_eiberg_12_channel_a_energy') | float | multiply(0.001) | round(1) }}
          {% endif %}type or paste code here

the sensor apears in the entities, but i can not select it in the energy dashboard. What is the mistake?


You need to use customize to add the attribute state_class: total_increasing to your sensor.

The legacy template sensor platform does not support state_class like the new template integration does.

If I create a Card with elements in the normal dashboard it shows only 0kwh.
I will show all three phases… hmmm. If i copy your proposal and adapt it with my data my configuration doesn’t work anymore…so tried the one above… hmmm