Heima layout for wall mounted control

I’m not sure if everybody here knows these mockups: https://www.behance.net/gallery/9080423/HEIMA-Smart-Home-Automation-UI

They are quite old, but they look awsome in my opinion. Does anybody know if somebody is in the process of designing a real interface based on this? I think this could be done with some Javascript and HTML.


“Some javascript and HTML” seems like this could be built in 2 days… :). I will look in to it when I find the time, and I will share the repository here when I have something to show.

I would be super interested in this project as well for a couple wall-mounted tablets

I started on a Heima inspired frontend. Still a long long way to go (most of it is just HTML/CSS prototyping at the moment)

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Looks nice! Is it based upon bootstrap? Are you committing to git somewhere?

Based on Framework7, though I’m only using a small portion of it. No github repo yet, but I’m planning to put it out there if I can get a little more done with it. Right now it’s mostly just an HTML/CSS prototype and not actually pulling data from HASS. Working on that but I’m absolutely terrible at javascript.

I might be able to help with that, I’m terrible at interfaces :slight_smile:

Very nice! Love Framework7. I’m actually working on a Framework7 HASS-interface-inspired custom app for my homebrew automation system. It’s fully responsive to also work on a dashboard but I might now be inspired to make a special dashboard version after all…

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I’ll try to get everything on a public github repo soon (even in its completely hacked together state), and start putting together a development gameplan. I’ll share the link so others can contribute once I get it all put together.

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Posted what I have on github at https://github.com/cgarwood/hacontrolpoint

I didn’t use the Heima name because while parts of it are influenced by the Heima design, other parts will be vastly different.

Don’t get too excited unless you like to code and are interested in contributing. The only functional part is the Inside Temperature thing on the dashboard, and it’s hardcoded to pull the specific entity_id from my specific HASS install. Everything else is just HTML/CSS prototyping at this point. Most of it isn’t commented, and a lot of it is still the generic code/names from the Framework7 framework.

I’ll gladly take any coding help I can get to throw at it.

Awesome! I’ll try to take a look later today!

I’m also working on this. Decided to go with React/Redux combo, so not everybody might be able to contribute. I’ve got the code on GitHub, but didn’t have much time to work on it the last week. I got the REST-API working to pull in the data the first time. At the same time it starts listening for server-events, but I do not save these into the application state yet.

Repo can be found here: https://github.com/ashwinvandijk/HomeController

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@Dingle I am interested in hearing/seeing more.

Not trying to bring up anything old “296 days old” but has anyone done any more work on this, would anyone be willing to working together to get this going?

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I’m still working on this when I have the time, but I’m not building it in a way that everyone can use it easily. If I will find the time I will update the repo.

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Is this officially “dead”? Anyone possibly made progress but not updated on github? I can help out

I’d love to see a Heima layout, but do you think, it would be a good idea, to start with over two year old repos?

I’M fairly new to HA, but these repos seems outdated. On the other hand, I’d be happy to help, we could start something fresh. :slight_smile: Let me know, how you think about.

Well, we can check what is usable and what requires updating. We could make this work. :smiley:

Hope that the owner @cgarwood could respond. Maybe we could do some collab on his repository. If not, we can always fork

I haven’t touched it in years, and never actually made much progress anyway. Feel free to fork my repo if you want, but it’s probably easier to start over with newer frameworks.