Heiman HS1SA smoke detector - deactivate from app

I have successfully integrated a smoke detector from Heiman (HS1SA) via Zigbee (Conbee II stick and Deconz). I was wondering if there is an option to turn off the alarm via the app in case of a false positive. I read so many posts about other questions regarding this smoke detector, but I haven’t come across this in any of them. Thanks!
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This is an end device running on a battery, so it doesn’t receive any commands from coordinator. It just sends regular updates about battery and alarm signal when, there is an alarm :slight_smile:

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I have yet to come across one that can, but I would imagine none will allow it for safety reasons. You need to go to the detector to witness if it really is a false alarm, so you might as well press the button there. Better to find out why you have false alarms in the first place. The fairytale about the boy who cried wolf comes to mind…

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Thanks to @Edwin_D and @anon63427907