HEIMAN RC-EF-3.0 0505abfe ias_ace Alarm how to setup

I’ve setup my home assistant with an alarm panel. Everything worked fine.
To arm and disarm the alarm panel I want to use an additional small remote.(Heiman RC-EF-3.0 which has 4 button for arm, disarm, arm away, panic).

I just registered this zigbee device: Heiman RC-EF-3.0
with the following entities:
HEIMAN RC-EF-3.0 0505abfe ias_ace (symbol: hass:bell_ring, id: alarm_control_panel.heiman_rc_ef_3_0_0505abfe_ias_ace)

HEIMAN RC-EF-3.0 0505abfe ias_zone (symbol: hass:radiobox_blank, id: binary_sensor.heiman_rc_ef_3_0_0505abfe_ias_zone)

and HEIMAN RC-EF-3.0 0505abfe power (battery status)

How could I setup this specific alarm_control_panel?
There are no entires in my configuration.yaml file, but I need to set the password / pin to disarm.

Best regards Mark

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I have the same remote and the same problem. Adding the remote to Home Assistant have created a new alarm system but I can’t find where to edit settings (as security code).
Did you find it out ?

Hi Franck,

I haven‘t found a satisfiing Solution. I hope that sometime the Switch will be integrated Ingo HomeAssistant.
So I‘m stillwaiting😄

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I have the same remote. Only the Master code in the ZHA “Alarm Control Panel Options” is used. No where else is possible to do that.
My problem is that even if I unchecked “Code required for arming actions”, the Disarm button is still expecting that code to disarm…
I think there is a problem in ZHA, expecting a code to disarm…


If you go to:
Settings -> Devices -> ConBee II -> Configure
there you will find the place to enter the master alarm code to disable the alarm control panel.
The code is mandatory, and the control panel appears to not function correctly without it.
How we send a code along with the (dis)Arm event is a mystery at this time.

Has anyone found a solution with ZHA ? (it works very well with Z2M…)

I have implemented this solution, but it is not very clean…

The solution to the multiple events is to create a timed binary. Then I use it to disarm this remote.

  - trigger:
      - platform: event
        event_type: zha_event
          device_ieee: a4:c1:38:96:0b:cf:c0:01 # Woox RC1
          command: 'arm'
            arm_mode: 0
            arm_mode_description: 'Disarm'
            code: ''
            zone_id: 0
      name: Woox RC1 to Disarmed
      icon: "{{ (trigger.platform == 'event') | iif('mdi:remote-off', 'mdi:remote') }}"
      state: "{{ trigger.platform == 'event' }}"
        seconds: 5

My full article un french : My Canaletto | Home Assistant & Alarm, encore...

bonjour, nous sommes fin 2023 et perssone n’a toujours pas trouver l’intégration complète de cette “RC” a 20 euros dans Alarmo ??