Helios KWL RS485

Hi all,

If you own an older Helios KWL EC (maybe others) with only RS485, you might find this interesting:

It has been working great with my KWL EC 500 Pro R for a few weeks now.

Hi, @Lostcontrol very impressed and interested !
any chance you have a wiring diagram ?

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I don’t but I could draw one if you like. There is nothing special in the wiring tough.

I have an older Helios too. Maybe you can share me an shopping list with the modules you bought?
I am really new in the Home Assistant Community, but very interested in making my old Helios digital!

Is it possibly to integrate this as a normal person?

If a “normal person” knows how to use a soldering iron, a screwdriver, has basic knowledge of electricity, and knows a bit about how to use ESPHome, then yes, no problem :wink:

I can make a shopping list (you need 3 components) and a wiring diagram.

I have only tested it with my Helios KWL EC 500 R but if you have a similar model, it should work.

That would be very nice, if you can make me a shopping list and a wiring diagram. i would buy you a coffee for this service :slight_smile:

I have a Helios KWL EC 300 R with the same remote control as you have in the photos.
I think thats gonna work :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much!

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Yep, should work with your 300 also.

I made a wiring diagram and a shopping list. Both are in the README. Have fun :wink:

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