Hello and new to Home Assistant

new to Home Assistant

till know i have been using

  • Raspi4 with NodeRed, influxDB and Grafana.
  • have a Raspi4 with 433Mhz (USB RTL 433 SDR-RTL Dongel) Antenna to collect information from small 433mhz device at home
  • have a Raspi4 for Phoscon.de RaspBee II / using with some Lidl/Silvercrest Bulb

i installed things, 4 Year ago
With NodeRed i take a lots of information Weather and Hydro about river from the Net - doing some NodeRed magic - store into influxDB and enjoy the information in Grafana

also a LoRa Gateway
but only for testing loRa Device

First question
to install Home Assistant on a Raspi 5 8Gig RAM should be fine, or not?
should i add a disk or is the SD Card OK?

have a nice day

RPI 5 is ok. I run it on a RPI 4 8Gb and it is good enough. I have other instance running on a RPI 4 with 2 GB. this one is also fine, though it can be a bit limited if you plan on running on it many things (e.g. speach to text).
And it is recommended to use a hard drive for data storage, as HA writes a lot on disk and SD cards become burnt in few months. You can run SO on SD and use HD for data, but I prefer everything from HD.

RPi5 seemed to just be available as an 'Official" setup with the Pi Installer. I tried using Hubitat, but the interface was not very intuitive, and a lot of my plugs just quit working, so I got a Pi5 Late December, and was just able to get HA to install without an error. One of the issues may have been trying to use a 128Gb card, as it still wouldn’t boot with that, but will with a 64Gb.