Hello from a Home Assistant newbie!

Hey guys,

I’m new to Home Assistant since some days and just seen this category :see_no_evil:. I just want to say hello to the home assistant community.

Something about me:
I’m 31 years old and I’m from Germany. I’m not new using smart home. I started 3,5 years ago using a small z-wave installation with Z-Way (three heating thermostats from devolo and three smart switches) and changed to openHAB 2,5 years ago, because I added more devices to my smart home :sweat_smile:
Now, I’m currently switching from openHAB to Home Assistant, because the Lovelace UI is so beautiful (I really like material ui).

I’m running Home Assistant in a virtual machine (using ESXi).

To understand the home assistant yaml logic was (and sometimes still is) very hard for me, so I will ask a lot of (stupid) questions in the future… :smile:

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I’m 60 and from the U.S. I previously used SmartThings but moved to HA a little over 2 years ago.

Yes, YAML can be a bit difficult to grasp at first. But there is a lot of work to reduce the dependency on YAML, although it will probably always be supported, and will probably never entirely go away, so if you end up using HA for a while it’s worth the effort to learn YAML. Besides, many of us “old timers” prefer YAML, and it’s much easier to help via YAML examples than it is to explain how to do something in the UI.

Anyway, feel free to ask away! But don’t forget to search the forum first, since many questions have already been answered (probably many times over. :smiley:)


There are no stupid questions !

The Automation Editor will get you going for simple stuff
It’s best to read what it outputs to adapt and extend that when you need something a bit more complicated.
I’m one of those old hands Phil talks about (that does not equate to an expert though)
The benefit of the forum is that everyone has little niche’s and specialities so there should always be someone to help out whatever your problem is.

Good Luck and Happy Coding