Hello i am new and need info on the thermostat card

i am using the thermostat card and want to reduce the minimum temp from 50f to 32f.
where can i find the information to learn how to do it? any help much thanks. I am just getting started and what a learning curve.

It is not done in the card, but on the climate entity you are controlling with the card.

i try to add in code but i am shown invalid option. i am using the esphome thermostat and it does not like it added.

The minimum temperature is stored in an attribute of the climate entity. It is defined by the integration providing the entity or if the integration does not provide it then home assistant uses a default value. To override do something like this:

      min_temp: 55

Note, while this may allow you to set it to that value. The integration and or thermostat may reject it.

Most thermostats only allow a minimum of 40-50 degrees. Because below this temperature condensation occurs and damages your heating equipment overtime. Consult the documentation on your heater, it will specify the minimum operating range.

I tried at the top and " mapping values not allowed" then i tried in the captive portal and i get “Component homeassistant cannot be loaded via YAML (no CONFIG-SCHEMA). where do i put it so that it works? thanks in advance”

Put that in,your configuration.yaml. If there is already a homeassistant: put it under that.

I tried it and did not work but you gave me enough info to find it in Esphome under base
climate configuration. that worked Thank You very much. I knew it had to be somewhere.

No, put it in the esphome code. See Climate Component — ESPHome

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I did, that was just where i found the info on what to add and where. it is in the yaml on each device. thanks