Hello! Is Home Assistant the right package for me?

I’m looking for a way to control an RPi from an Android device (either phone or tablet) that will switch over from a pool mode (default) to a spa mode. Put very simply, it needs to:

  1. Reduce pump speed to minimum.
  2. Rotate two valves (suction and return)
  3. Pause to allow the valves to move
  4. Increase pump speed to high
  5. Turn on water heater to high

That’s it! Other than the program delay, everything is the binary control of relays.

I’m controlling the pump speed and water heater now with wireless remote controls. The valves will require actuators which I

haven’t bought yet. And there needs to be a pause in the control while the actuators move to position.

I can demonstrate what I want with the freebies I find on Play Store and a relay board. Works well enough but for the lack of

program delay.

A full blown automation package like this may seem like overkill, but Will this package let me accomplish my goal?

It can, but it is way overkill for your use case. Then again you might end up doing more automations to other stuff as well in the future. My believe is, you start with some demand (like the pool in your case) and when you get the hang of it you think of more things you want to add to the whole environment. Not because you have to, but because you can. :joy: