Hello! Newbie Dan here!

Hello there! Just wanted to say hello before posting my first request for help!

I got a Raspberry Pi4 as an early Christmas present a few weeks ago and spent a great amount of time setting it up and customising it already and I’m hooked, I don’t have a great deal of programming experience so this is a great gateway to learn a bit!

This forum has been super helpful already before I signed up!

Thank you!


Hi @Cloudian, welcome to the community.

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Thank you! :+1:

Be prepared. HA has a steep learning curve, but once you get the fundamentals it gets easy. And we are always here to help newbies.

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Thanks @francisp!
It is definitely true what you say about the learning curve although I’m finding it very rewarding so far (except that my system isn’t fully responding at the moment, started another thread about that tho :sweat_smile:).

Welcome and enjoy your new hobby :wink:

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Welcome to this great community !

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Thank you @darkd