Hello & Thanks

Hi, just wanted to say hi and thanks.
Started setting up HA about a week ago and alongside the docs this forum has been a tremendous help.
I have a few things set up and working nicely, a couple of things underway and a bunch of ideas.

I’m especially liking the MQTT support as I have a bunch of stuff I’ve built previously with arduino/esp286/particle etc and it all works perfectly with HA with very little work and no third party tools.

Hoping to be able to contribute and share here as I get up to speed.


I really want to thank the people who worked on this project too.

I’m an openHAB user and a big fan of that platform for almost a decade now, although I was never a Java kind of guy so I never felt the urge to dive into the code there. Recently I wanted to start over because I wanted to beef up my backend on a PI 4 8GB (to support docker), I reconsidered my options and found that there was a new kid on the block based on my favorite python language with slick UI’s, dockerized add-ons and yaml configs…

I must give credits to openHAB too, they where way ahead of the rest for a long time and the community around it is super nice. But the ease of use, out-of-the-box options and slick UI I get from home assistant are unmatched.

I found the new z-wave docker has some issues forwarding the usb with proper rights in the dockerized environment, but the “old integration” just works fine. So in one week I spent some hours and my home has better automation support than it ever had. I even gave my non-tech parents the app (setup in 5 mins) to control the alarm when I’m on holiday and they want to come in (Adding a simple dash with only the alarm controls is so easy, the rest of the devices they don’t see because it would be too confusing)

I hope I can sponsor the project a bit by taking a cloud subscription.