Help adding a variation of Tuya TS0044, TS004F to ZHA

Found more info on how to change the switch mode.



Can anyone confirm this is working?

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EL_Duderino, I can not make it work using ZHA. It shows up as a the dimmer version, not the 12scene.

Holding button 2+4 will make button 3 flash 3 times, as described. However adding the button to ZHA afterwards will ends with the dimmer version.

I’m using ZHA and not Z2M. When I put the switch in switch mode 2 by holding buttons 2+4, light 3 flashes once as described. After this I no longer receive any ZHA events at all. The same procedure puts the switch back into mode 1

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Agree, after holding button 2+4 the events will stop. I beleive it is because it changes to a “new device”. I tried to add it to ZHA again, it adds as a dimmer version. Can not make it add as a 12 scene button.

Yup, can confirm it. device doesn’t work in ZHA as the 12 scene button. ZHA quirk needs to be updated I guess. Z2M works with both device modes.

My device for some reason, now have this entity button.tz3000_xabckq1v_ts004f_5194fcfe_identify and it’s the only one that have an action. There is a PRESS text next to it so I can make a automation based on it, but only by the UI. No button works at all on the physical switch, no zha_event, not even repairing, pressing 2+4 buttons, etc. Should I return this device or it might work one day?

Should I return this device or it might work one day?

It sounds like it is technically possible to get these devices working, so maybe in another 6 months they will work without a ton of hacking. I’m probably going to return mine, and maybe re-order one later in the year if there is better support.

So, after reading through all the posts it seems that there is no easy way of getting the TS004F working with ZHA. Zigbee2MQTT seems to be the better solution, but can we run ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT together using one dongle. I don’t feel like adding all my ZHA devices to Zigbee2MQTT now.

Unfortunately not on one dongle. You can have 2 dongles (coordinators), one for ZHA and one for Zigbee2mqtt. They run fine on the same box/server.


So, it’s impossible to add to zha, considering migrate to z2m

What a pity, zha was so easy…

It works as a dimmer or as a 4 button scene switch. You need Z2M for the 12 scene mode, at least as of now. Personally I just use them for 4 scenes, as I will not migrate away from ZHA.

Sorry @khvej8, you said “it works as a 4 button scene switch” … How do you make it work as 4 button scene switch (not the dimmer mode) ? I did not succeed (even with the right 2+4 switch mode trick). Thx

It is actually the dimmer version, just using the dim+ and dim- as scene selectors. Actually each button can do whatever😏

. Look in this thread

If you use NodeRed:
(using ZHA and default “dimmer mode” - detects single press all 4 buttons and hold buttons 2 and 4)
(you need to change device_ieee to match your device in the filter node)

 [{"id":"da84b83785e013cb","type":"tab","label":"Flow 1","disabled":false,"info":"","env":[]},{"id":"6fabdb84cb93f923","type":"server-events","z":"da84b83785e013cb","name":"Listen to ZHA events","server":"44f73817.ded598","version":1,"event_type":"zha_event","exposeToHomeAssistant":false,"haConfig":[{"property":"name","value":""},{"property":"icon","value":""}],"waitForRunning":true,"outputProperties":[{"property":"payload","propertyType":"msg","value":"","valueType":"eventData"},{"property":"topic","propertyType":"msg","value":"$outputData(\"eventData\").event_type","valueType":"jsonata"}],"x":130,"y":120,"wires":[["177786d53ac616a9"]]},{"id":"177786d53ac616a9","type":"switch","z":"da84b83785e013cb","name":"Filter remote","property":"payload.event.device_ieee","propertyType":"msg","rules":[{"t":"eq","v":"5c:02:72:ff:fe:04:3e:6a","vt":"str"}],"checkall":"true","repair":false,"outputs":1,"x":330,"y":120,"wires":[["527f52834bf86b2f"]],"outputLabels":["Scene switch"]},{"id":"527f52834bf86b2f","type":"switch","z":"da84b83785e013cb","name":"TS004F","property":"payload.event.command","propertyType":"msg","rules":[{"t":"eq","v":"on","vt":"str"},{"t":"eq","v":"off","vt":"str"},{"t":"eq","v":"step","vt":"str"},{"t":"eq","v":"move","vt":"str"},{"t":"eq","v":"stop","vt":"str"}],"checkall":"true","repair":false,"outputs":5,"x":520,"y":120,"wires":[[],[],["d5113f4247099e5d"],["3e5729affe3f535e"],[]],"outputLabels":["1","3","2/4","2/4",""],"info":"button 1 (top right): on\nbutton 2 (top left): step args[0,51,10]\nbutton 3 (bottom left): off\nbutton 4 (bottom right): step args[1, 51, 10]"},{"id":"d5113f4247099e5d","type":"switch","z":"da84b83785e013cb","name":"press 2 / 4","property":"payload.event.args[0]","propertyType":"msg","rules":[{"t":"eq","v":"0","vt":"str"},{"t":"eq","v":"1","vt":"str"}],"checkall":"true","repair":false,"outputs":2,"x":750,"y":120,"wires":[[],[]],"outputLabels":["2","4"]},{"id":"3e5729affe3f535e","type":"switch","z":"da84b83785e013cb","name":"hold 2 / 4","property":"payload.event.args[0]","propertyType":"msg","rules":[{"t":"eq","v":"0","vt":"str"},{"t":"eq","v":"1","vt":"str"}],"checkall":"true","repair":false,"outputs":2,"x":740,"y":160,"wires":[[],[]],"outputLabels":["2","4"]}]

Can you elabroate on what that flow does (12 scene vs dimmer mode) and what version of Zigbee you’re running (Z2M vs ZHA)?

I’m a bit unclear why the 12 scene mode is only working in Z2M. Is it a technical limitation or just that nobody has updated the ZHA quirk to take advantage of that functionality?

I’ve edited my reply to include that info

Hi Lance,
The Tuya TS004F switch will operate in 2 modes. You can change the mode by holding button 2+4 for app 10 sec. Button 3 will flash once, indicating it have changed mode. However, this does not make any difference when used, as it will be set to one mode during paring.

In Zigbee2MQTT, during initial paring, the switch is set to 2 scene mode. Each button have 3 events, single press, double press and hold. There are blueprints showing who this works.

In ZHA the switch will be in “dimmer mode”. The dimmer mode is not really a dimmer mode. It will give the possibility of 6 different events. All buttons have a single press event and button 2+4 have a hold event. Look in the blueprint I mentioned and you will see them.

There are a number of threads indicating how to change the mode in ZHA, however it needs to be done using the quirk and initial paring. I believe someone with the right knowledge can change the ZHA behavior.


Were you ever able to get your switch working. I am experiencing the same problems. Pairs fine has the same entities you listed but im getting no events from any button presses.

DuPunk, are you running latest version of HA? Which zigbee intgration do you use. If not on latest version, either upgrade or have a look in this thread ZHA - Tuya 4-button Scene Switch (TS0044) - #25 by mutchun on how to manually create a zigbee handler.