Help adding custom card


i am trying to add a custom clock card, and am having issues getting it setup. i have the javascript file located at /config/www/clockwork-card.js and the resource set to /local/www/clockwork-card.js. is this not the correct path? i am getting a custom element doesn’t exist error.


Many people using a custom integration to install / update plugins called HACS.
I myself never observed an error “custom element doesn’t exist” with HACS.
People who do not use HACS (probably who do not want to deal with “one more custom plugin”) have to download js / place js into www / define a resource manually.
Do you have a reason not to use HACS?

(another issue is “HACS cannot be installed in my setup” - I faced it 2.5 years ago when installed HassOS and failed to install HACS; a bit later after many disappointments I removed HassOS and forgot this nightmare)

This card hasn’t been updated in 4 years, much has changed since then with HA. It may still work but likely other ways to do the same thing.
Markdown card?

Imho then the user will have to create a sensor & update it every second.