Help adding devices to existing blueprint


The blueprint below works with some of my pico remote devices but not with all. After looking at the config. file I realized this blueprint it was designed for one of the model I have but not the other one. How can I add the second one? I have both PJ2-4B-GXX-F01 and PJ2-4B-GXX-X01

      name: Lutron Pico
      description: The Lutron Pico used to trigger the automations
          model: PJ2-3BRL-GXX-X01 (Pico3ButtonRaiseLower)
          multiple: false

Thanks for any help

Are you sure the buttons are the same and the same back-end commands work?
Often a BP is narrowed down this tight because that is all the code is designed for.
You can just remove the model: line than pick the device you want from the list, but honestly, I suggest going to the original post where you found the BluePrint and make sure there is not either a fix for this already, or maybe something else around that takes care of your other devices.

It won’t hurt to try removing model: line, just make sure that is what you want and the commands match up on new devices.