Help adding LED strips

I’ve been trying to figure this out for quite a while now, but I can’t find a solution. I purchased the following LED strips not knowing they would be so difficult to set up:

I have no idea what LED controller to use with these to get them into Home Assistant. I’ve posted on Reddit in both the HA and WLED subs, and I’ve asked in the HA discord, and nobody seems to know what I should get…

Please help!

Hi, welcome to the forum.
For starters: it all depends with what protocol/integration you want to control them.

The Amazon page lists seven different controllers “sold separately”. As @Nick4 says, you need to find an integration for one of them. There’s a list here:


At this point I’d be fine with any integration. I don’t care which one, I just want one that works with HA! I’ve been looking around and I can’t find any at all.

Sadly, Amazon is often wrong about these sort of things. When I first ordered the strips, I also ordered one of those controllers, both because Amazon suggested it and because it SEEMED like the right one with a little research.

Within a few hours, I got a seller message through Amazon directly from BTF lighting, saying “hey we saw you ordered these strips and that controller, but they won’t work together.”

They suggested the single controller that they sell that works with that strip. It’s bluetooth, so I can controll it from my phone, but not with anything else.

If I hadn’t already gone through all the trouble of installing these strips, I’d return them and get another more compatible model, but they work really well for what I need and I really would like to make it work. Otherwise I’ll just stick them into a smart plug and live with basic on/off functionality.

Look here

Hmm…looks like WLED supports it, but just as a single color? I’m not sure I’m reading that right… I’m still not sure what hardware to get though. I ordered some Digi-quad controllers because someone on Reddit said they’d used those and gotten them to work. I’ll see if I have the same luck.

Update for anyone who got these strips:

They work just fine with any wled controller that supports 24v strips. I’ve now successfully set them up on both Digquad and Ericsity controllers, and they work great. wled 0.14 is required, I believe, and they’re set up as “SK6812/WS2814 RGBW” with BRG color order and swapping W&G. With that config they work perfectly. I also turned off the automatic brightness limiter since I’m powering 24v strips with a 24v adapter through the controller.

With the Digquad I was able to drive 2 16’ long strips with no problems, and no brightness issues at any point on the strips. With the Ericsity I still haven’t powered more than one strip since I didn’t have an application that needed that.