Help - All addon with Ingress: 401 Unauthorized

Could you please share where this setting is? I have the same issue with Home Panel.
I tried using edge and it “worked” for a moment… but when I logged in to Home assistant got the same 401 error

Can confirm this too, clearing cache on Chrome does the work.

I just ran into this issue with Firefox. Everything working fine then all of a sudden 401s on any ingress addon. WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.api.ingress] No valid ingress session None in the supervisor log.

Tried clearing cache, all site data, close, reopen etc. Didn’t work. Started looking through the settings. I changed the following from Strict to Standard and now we’re all good in the hood. I had not changed this setting previously so I don’t know what gives, but it did fix my issue.

Just an FYI if anyone else runs into this issue.


Thanks. You probably just saved me hours of time.


Here’s a way to disable protection for a specific URL:

Edit 2:

Just to see if I could reproduce the original issue, I recently tried turning Enhanced Tracking Protection back on. When I do this, Ingress and the add-ons still work, although I don’t I don’t know why.


Life Saver You :wink:
Thanks :star_struck:

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Saw the exact same thing on Firefox 90.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows: Ingress was just blank and I got a 401-response. I could not see ingress addons when accessing Home assistant on my LAN through the mDNS-address (http://homeassistant.local:8123). However, ingress worked when accessing the HA through HTTPS (, as well as when I used the LAN-IP directly (http://192.168.0.X:8123).

I struggled for hours. In the end, it was sufficient for me to remove the cookie called ingress_session. Thank you for the help!

This worked for me! Thank you! I’ve been researching this for a couple of weeks now and your solution was so simple. I ended up reenabling to Strict and the add-ons’ pages loaded perfectly fine still.

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Solution worked for me as well. Thank you very much for posting.

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There’s an official alert for this issue now


I had the same error. After reading this post I thout that the cookies of home assistant were giving the problems. I deleted these cookies, and now it works like a charm

Cross posting from Discord to here:

Seems like I figured it out (for my situation.) Would be good to document it somewhere, let me know if that’s wanted, and I will.

In short the issue is that FF only allows cookies from the originating server. This can be changed by the parameter “Network.cookie.cookieBehavior” under “about:config”. Set it to 0 to allow all cookies and ingress should now work after a page refresh. Network.cookie.cookieBehavior - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

  1. in chrome open developers tools
  2. open Application TAB
  3. storage
  4. Clear site data

Thank you very much - for me this saved my day!

For me, clearing site data was not enough; I had to use my phone to clear all other sessions (clicking on your account name in the side bar then scrolling down). After logging in again, the addons work again.

I had the same problem. Go to sites settings and clear all data, that worked for me.