Help assigning Shelly 3EM entities to energy dashboard

I’m having trouble assigning the right entity to the right place in the energy dashboard. Can anyone help? Where should the following go:

Breaker energy (BE) left
BE left return
BE right
BE right return
Solar energy (SE)
SE return

Right now I have BE left and right under Grid consumption, BE left and right return under Return to Grid, and SE under solar production. I’m not using SE return.

UPDATE: I did some math comparing to what my SolarEdge app was saying my solar production was and came up with the following:

Grid consumption

  • BE Left
  • BE Right

Grid return

  • SE

Solar Production

  • SE
  • BE Left Return
  • BE Right Return

SE return doesn’t seem to increase its value and doesn’t seem to play in. Basically the confusing part is that my total solar production seems to be the sum of SE + BE LR + BR RR, which allows for consumed solar to be calculated.