Help: Bluetooth problem!

I am running HA on a Mac Mini in virtual environment with VirtualBox. I am a new user coming from SmartThings.

The problem? Well a have a Asus BT USB adapter.

I have but in the code for Bluetooth BLE in my configuration.yaml

But HA doesn’t find any Bluetooth devices. Should it work?

I can see the adapter in VirtualBox, just like my Conbee 2 zigbee adapter (that works).

Have I missed something?

Best regards

Maybe it is because this is Bluetooth 5.0 adapter and not 4.0 ?
Just my guess, because most USB adapters on market are 4.0.

Thanks for your reply,

Could be, but that’s the one I have. I have give this up. Bluetooth on HA on a MacMini and Virtualbox is a problem and I can’t find anyone with the same setup!