Help! Cant find or make custom_components

I am running HA on Windows 10 with a virtual box. I can’t figure how to make custom_components folder and access it to paste HACS into the folder. Can some ome please help.

what os are you running on the virtualbox and is it headless?

This is the video I followed to get it running on my windows 10 surface.

Watch “Migrate from a Raspberry Pi to a Virtual Machine (Windows). Step by Step.” on YouTube

Ok, so you’re running HassOS as your operating system.

That leaves you with 1 option: Install the samba share add-on. This will allow you to browse to your files from another computer (like the one hosting the vitrual box).

Okay I don’t know if samba is working right for me.So exactly how do I do this through samba do I open samba? Like where do I send start to browse? When you say browse from another computer that kinda confusing cause I’m only use one commuter…

so you need to know your hostname or ip, then open it like you would a network location in windows.


So, in that box where it says network nuc, I typed \\nuc because that’s the hostname of mine

Okay like this? And now what folder i go to?

That doesn’t look correct for hassos.

So what window do I open to get to the same window like you did? I open my folder tab at the bottom and then typed my ip address in the search bar.

What it suppose to look like?

it’s supposed to have the folders I have in my screenshot. Did you use the default configuration for samba? Is samba running?

Keep saying no interface found. Can you just email me ? [email protected]

No, you’re a big boy. You can do this.

Post your configuration for samba.

You can also attempt to search for the files using the windows search function on that folder you listed. just search for *.yaml files.

Is the IP address of your Windows PC or the virtual machine running on your Windows PC?

That’s what is confusing. I always thought being it’s a virtual machine they should both be the same IP address

In that video that you watched, somewhere in the middle of those 1000 steps, it explains how to get the IP address of the virtual machine.

Which is the same as my windows PC.

I’m no expert with virtual machines but I’m pretty sure two machines with exactly the same IP address on the same network is … undesirable.

Google this: How do I find the IP address of my VirtualBox virtual machine?

That is not the case, I have a virtual box setup and it has a different IP.

Because he’s running headless, this is his only option. I’ve yet to see a config for this. I’m 99% sure samba isn’t running and he’s on the wrong IP.

Here my samba status.