HELP! Can't get HA to start

Hopefully somebody will be able yo help. I have been trying for the past week or so to get HA to load. I followed everything that it says to do, but i can never get connected.

I’m using a Pi 3 B+, 32gb Sandisk SSD card. I am able to write the image using etcher, but can never get further than that. I cannot access the UI and when i have connected a monitor to my Pi, it just seems to be stuck in a boot loop.

Things i have tried:

Different SD cards
Downloaded Hass again (just in case)
Different Pi

I’m new to this so don’t really know where to go, or even how to get more information that would help someone diagnose what is wrong.

UPDATE: i now get the initial boot up screen, however everytime during the process it seems to get interupted and i get a message saying that it cannot be reached

Hello lain_Adam,
welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, I can not help you. If you followed the steps as stated here:
there should not be any problems.
The two points I have marked here might be the solution to your problem.

I wish you success!

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