Help choose a research topic

Hello everyone. I need to write a research paper. I want to create a work that will be beneficial for me and the community. I have chosen an approximate topic related to matter, thread, home assistant, etc. Can you advise on what specifically I can research or test? Thankful for any help

Home automation: a wise balance between freeing a person from routine tasks & maintaining/monitoring/infinite improvement

Автоматизация умного дома: выбор баланса между избавлением человека от рутины и тратой времени на администрирование/мониторинг/бесконечное улучшение

Do you add “тратой времени” in Russian because otherwise the phrase loses precision? I see this in other languages as well, when in comparison to English certain constructs require to be more explicit for proper style or to remove ambiguity.

This is a correct phrase.

But ofc I could say in English: “& spending precious time for maintaining/monitoring/infinite improvement” )))

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Yes, I know. My question was only based on linguistical curiosity.

What’s the scientific discipline in which you are working? It matters quite a bit whether you are in Sociology or Mechanical Engineering, while in either of these disciplines (and many others) HA could be an interesting topic.

My discipline is telecommunications and radio engineering

In that case, how about avoiding and mitigation of crowding in the 2.4 GHz band with the increasing adoption of smart home products and so many different protocols (Zibee, Wifi, Thread, Bluetooth) all using that part of the spectrum. Can the open home community contribute to that?

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